At 5th & Taylor, we believe the simple act of sharing a meal returns us to the days when what we have in common is more important than what separates us. Though we may come to the table with a variety of hopes and needs, we can relate through the universal necessity to nourish our bodies and connect with others.

5th & Taylor is Chef Daniel Lindley’s homage to the American family meal. Inspired by Sunday dinners from his childhood, the menu features familiar yet refined expressions of traditional fare meant to foster a sense of community among guests. 

In early 2013, Lindley began designing 5th & Taylor American Restaurant. His earliest visions for the historic Germantown warehouse space included a tribute to General Francis Nash, Nashville's namesake, to be executed by Chattanooga-based artist, Cessna Decosimo. The life-size sculpture floats over ample banquette seating, both of which now dominate the main dining room. A residential feeling permeates the space and oversized two-way mirrors, shielding private dining rooms, add depth to the raw interior. Additionally, plans called out a prominent, open kitchen with a French island suite and 8-foot wood burning grill; as well as a 28-foot bar beneath the original hot rolled steel warehouse windows.  An enclosed patio space featuring a diamond-shaped, infinity-edged fountain and matching exterior bar were also designed by Lindley. The chef-designer worked with Nashville architect firm, Smith Gee Studio, to draft his plans from graph paper to architectural drawings as well as Chattanooga-based Range Projects on furnishings, new store fronts and custom kitchen cabinetry. Lindley collaborated with Ruth De Jong of LA-based De Jong & Co for furniture design and interior decorating.

Texture and color thoughtfully divide the main dining, bar and lounge areas, while the raised dining rooms provide private accommodations for up to 70 guests. Shielded by evergreens, the relaxing patio encourages a neighborhood atmosphere and departure from the bustling city.

Our wish is for the experiences and memories made at 5th & Taylor to foster a sense of community, hospitality and warmth.  We hope we have created a place, much like home, one can return again and again.